Blog Post: The First Plague

The First Plague: The Blood (Exodus 7)

The First Plague was a warning to Pharaoh.

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Pharaoh’s heart is unyielding;he refuses to let the people go.15 Go to Pharaoh in the morning as he goes out to the river. Confront him on the bank of the Nile, and take in your hand the staff that was changed into a snake.16 Then say to him, ‘The Lord, the God of the Hebrews, has sent me to say to you: Let my people go, so that they may worship me in the wilderness. But until now you have not listened. 17 This is what the Lord says: By this you will know that I am the Lord: With the staff that is in my hand I will strike the water of the Nile, and it will be changed into blood. 18 The fish in the Nile will die, and the river will stink; the Egyptians will not be able to drink its water.’”

Pharaoh’s heart hardened because of the dark arts of his magicians. (Exodus 7:22) This divination hardened the heart of Pharaoh, and it closed his heart to the first warning Moses decreed by God.

The warning in the first plague was simply… It matters who you allow in your circle, or should I say it matters what side of the river your on!