Blog Post: a Leprechaun Dream

This is a dream I had on March 18, 2018

I am sitting with my sister in what looks like a mall there are folding chairs set out like were getting ready to watch a presentation of some kind. ( a temporal place)

My sister starts telling me about a couple who are getting back together, because he realized how much he does love her. (restoring broken relationships)

My sister then begins to tell me about other people we knew and she keeps saying HE is taking medicine, and HE is inviting them over.

I believe without a doubt the first part of this dreams means healing broken relationships. Restoration!

As my sister finishes talking. I look up high at this display and see two oval egg-shaped props, and wrapped around the center of both props is red paper with the number eight on each one. ( 8 Means New Beginnings)

I walk over and look up at the props from behind and I say “I cannot jump that high to reach it”.

Then suddenly, a Leprechaun dressed in a Santa outfit flies across in front of me and blows fairy dust toward the egg-shaped props. Suddenly, another egg-shaped prop appears. However, this one is different it has a gold decorative box sitting on top of it (like a gold mini decorative bird-cage or maybe like a gold candle decoration. I see nothing in it just the gold box then I wake up.

I asked a friend of mine to help me to confirm the part of the Leprechaun, and time-line.

I see the leprechaun as more than one role. Like you were trying to jump but couldn’t reach but grace shows up. He’s in red again with his saving grace. Throwing pixie dust (spreading His glory) He also comes across to me as a type of angelic host (with a time frame from now, (March 18 when you had the dream) because leprechaun speak of St. Patrick’s day) til Christmas since he was dressed like Santa’s elf.. it speaks of a time frame which is 9 months (gestation period of birth) so it’s a time frame dream.
The 3rd oval prop represents multiplication on a gold glory level of which we have not yet seen.

(On a funnier note… maybe it is going to be a Leprechaun Christmas in the month of March…  All you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust. 😇😇)