Blog Post: The Second Plague

The Second Plague: Frogs (Exodus 8)

When Pharaoh called for Moses to take away the plague of frogs that had filled the land, Moses asked him, “When?” At that moment, Pharaoh had a choice. He could rid of the frogs immediately, but the scriptures tell us that he asked for them to be gone “tomorrow.” It seemed that Pharaoh wanted to spend one more night with the frogs! The lesson in this is story is to get rid of whatever “frogs” or problems have held you back TODAY. Why wait! When God has made a way of escape for you? He’s ready to immediately dissolve them! Don’t spend One More Night With The Frogs!

This really means don’t put off tomorrow what you should do today! There are people who really need to get this word in them… quit hanging with the frogs!