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New Blog Post: Time of Stretching

  • Posted on August 6, 2014 at 1:15 pm

The LORD says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you. Psalm 32:8

My husband and I were both raised in a small northern Michigan town. It was the summer of 2012, when the phone rang with a job offer, and we were moving to a bigger city in Michigan, where we would spend just 7 months. My husband came home from work one evening and said I want to move south, not to long after him saying those words, suddenly a job opened up in Tampa and we were packing to go. We were in another big shift, stepping out of the wilderness into the jungle. I was stressed and experiencing a time of stretching as I was trying to find an apartment in Tampa, and wrap my thinking and my emotions around the fact that we were leaving big parts of our life behind, which was a good thing.

I sat at my desk in front of my computer and said out loud OK Lord! Where are we going to live in Tampa? I tried to find something close to his new job, but we were more concerned that are girls would be entering good schools. We had three weeks to get to Tampa and get settled and the days were counting down. I was walking my daughter down to the bus stop and as we were waiting for the bus, I started talking to the head maintenance man at the apartment complex, I told him I was looking for an apartment down in Tampa, when he said you should check to see if you can do a transfer from here, I did not think much about are conversation and headed back to do more research.

I spent more time researching places and found one, I paid 300 dollars to get everything processed, but when I added the cost I knew we would be really short if I went with this apartment. I cancelled and lost my 300 dollars, that was not a good day. I saw the maintenance man again and he asked me, did you look into a transfer? I said no, but I’m going to check and see. Well I wish I would have listened to him the first time, I researched online and found out that the apartment complex we were in was recently bought out by a company that had two apartment complexes in Florida, and one happened to be in Tampa.

I called the front office and I was told she would check if they did transfers, she let me know she had never done one before, she explained that they were transferring everything over with this new company. My family and I were not the only ones transitioning at this time. As I was on my way down to pick up my daughter from the bus stop, she came out of the office and told me yes they did transfers.

My husband got home from work and I looked at him and said “can it be that easy”. I looked at how everything came together for us, even the good schools. I knew it was the Lord orchestrating it for us.

In a nut shell: I had researched and researched when we first moved to this apartment complex, and as we were moving into this apartment complex, this company was being bought out by another company that would eventually make a clear way for our new move to Tampa. Even though I dislike apartment living very much and long for home-living. I do believe God will move heaven and earth to get you where you need to be, even if you have to lose 300 dollars to save a few thousand, he will get you there, listen in those times of stress and stretching.


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